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Your Top 10 Fencing Questions Answered

Your top 10 fencing questions answered

With so many makes and models of fences available on the market, choosing what fence would best suit you or your business can be overwhelming. To help you navigate through the fencing process, we’ve answered the top 10 fencing questions facing a consumer, in the hope to inform and help you on your fencing journey!

1. Will a fence be able to last even in harsh environmental conditions?

Yes, if you choose the right kind of fence. A simple wooden panel fence may be no match for the harsh Australian environment but stronger fences, such as heavily galvanised fencing, is designed to withstand even the most adverse of weather and environmental conditions.

2. What is powder coating on fences?

Powder coating, if professionally installed and maintained, is a long-lasting decorative coating that can be treated to the surface of your fence. Powder coating can be used to increase the strength of a fence and to change the colour of a fence to fit your specifications.

3. Will the area I need fencing be too big/too small?

If you’re worried that your job may be too big or too small, contact a fencing company that manufactures on site and can, therefore, customise fencing to your exact specifications.

4. What type of fencing is right for me?

Unfortunately, there is no universal answer to this as every residential, commercial or industrial fencing need is individual. For example, if you require fencing for security reasons there are multiple fencing options including traditional palisade fencing, high security mesh and boulevard safety mesh fencing. To best answer this question, speak to an expert who can advise you on what fence would best suit your needs.

5. Difference between security and stock fencing?

If your goal is to purchase fencing for your stock or harvest but you also want to keep the contents of the fence safe, you may be going back and forth between security or stock fencing. The answer is, usually, to blend the two. Boxed harvest fencing is available to ensure crops stay safe and protected while barbed wire can be fitted with stock fencing to ensure the safety of your assets.

6. How long will my fence last?

Unfortunately again there is no universal answer to this. However, if a fence is professionally purchased and maintained it can last much longer than a one-size-fits-all fence.

7. What colour options are available for fencing?

Standard powder coat colours include satin black, heritage green, primrose and safety yellow. Customised and non-standard colours may be available on demand, depending on quantity and specification.

8. How do I know if a fencing company is reliable?

Focus on customer testimonials and the portfolio of the fencing company’s work. If they are proud to show their work and achievements it is usually a good indication of their reliability.

9. Does my pool need fencing?

If you have younger children in your household or place of work, pool fencing is essential to ensure their safety. What may seem like another additional expense now may save the life of a child.

10. What is my next step to secure a fence?

Get in contact today with Supreme Line Fencing for a consultation on the right fence to suit you and to receive a no-obligation quote!

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