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Residential Fencing

Residential Fencing Services

Rural, residential, commercial & industrial fencing services

Your home is your castle but when erecting, repairing or replacing a residential fence you may also need to take into account your neighbours and the boundary between your properties.

Regardless of whether you are paying for the fence or sharing the cost it is always recommended that you consult with your neighbour prior to commencing any work.

Supreme Line Fencing will be able to advise you on any local or government legislation or rules governing your area. They will also provide you with a fencing solution that matches the look and style of fence you want to complement and secure your family and home.

Residential Fencing Services

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Rural Fencing



Rural properties are governed by laws that cover both erecting and repairing boundary fences. It is always best to discuss any fencing decisions with an expert.

Residential Fencing



When installing fencing in a residential area there are many considerations to take into account before you make a decision. Different products and ways to install can make it a complex task.

Commercial Fencing



There are many businesses where fencing is essential. Each of these situations will require a different type of fencing and material to achieve a long lasting, safe and secure result.

What Our Clients Are Saying

Supreme Line Fencing provide a great fencing solution for local Launceston businesses. Their prompt service and high quality of work meant our fencing problems were dealt with on the same day at a reasonable cost. The staff are efficient and focused on getting the job done.

Jacqui Manson
State Co Ordinator Tasmania, Avis Australia

Supreme Line Fencing have provided cost effective and timely solutions for upholding the security of our Project sites and facilities. We will use them again for future projects.

Ben Wagner
Project Officer, TASSAL Group Limited

Supreme Line Fencing were successful in tendering for a major expansion of the Tasmanian Devil captive animal facilities at Cressy. As the manager overseeing this project, I found the Supreme Line Fencing staff to be constructive and highly client focused. They tackled this demanding and unusual project with professionalism and great diligence.

Peter Vollar
Manager, Natural Values Conservation, Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment

Talk to an expert at Supreme Line Fencing

Unlike other suppliers, we build our fences and gates right here in Tasmania to meet strict Australian safety and quality standards. We can even install your fencing and gates too, saving you time and making sure it’s fully secure.

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