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Hi, I'm Paul, Owner & Managing Director at Supreme Line Fencing. Thanks for taking the time to visit. In the next few minutes you are going to discover how to secure your property, people, assets, animals or whatever you want to protect with the right fencing & gates. You'll likely save yourself a whole lot of time researching and comparing what is in the market and what you need.

To make it easy for you we've even put together our expert tips into a free guide (we have been doing fencing & gates for over 30 years) showing you what type of fencing you need no matter who you are.

The right choice can save you both time & money. If you are a homeowner, business owner or farmer this is inside information that you won't want to miss out on. If you are thinking about a new fence now, replacing what you have or you have a need in the future it is well worth the 10 minute read. 

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What will you get?

Where to start when looking for a fence or gate for your property

Different types of fencing and gates that are available for your purpose

Should you install it yourself or engage an expert?

How to choose the right fencing expert — questions to ask

Our top 5 fencing and gate recommendations

Who Are We?

Whether it's Chain Wire, Anti-Climb Mesh, Barb Razor Wire, our fencing and gates are one of Australia’s most popular choices due to quick and easy installation, durability, flexibility, aesthetics and strength. Unlike other suppliers, we build our fences and gates right here in Tasmania to meet strict Australian safety and quality standards. We can even install your fencing and gates too, saving you time and making sure it’s fully secure.


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